Each year, at the onset of monsoon, around half a million Hindu people gather together in Maharashtra, India, to participate in a unique pilgrimage that has an unbroken tradition of over 800 years. The pilgrims known as “warkaris” starts the main pilgrimage  on foot from Pune, carrying the palkhi (palanquin) of Saint Tukaram, a renowned devotee of Lord Vitthala, a form of lord Vishnu. This main procession was joined by other palkhis from other towns and villages like the famous Saint Dnyaneshwar palkhi from Alandi.The wari tradition has entirely been a peoples’ initiative. The wari helps warkaris draw the Divine closer to the very essence of the soul, preparing the individual to return to daily life with a renewed sense of purpose.


On their way, the pilgrims played musical instruments like veenas, mridungas, dholkis and chiplis. The pilgrims also played the traditional folk dance “fugdi” with their infectious enthusiasm and energy. With the saffron coloured triangular ‘paatakas’ (flags) in hands and tulsi leaves on their heads the pilgrims presented a perfect picture of the Bhakti tradition of Maharshtra.




About Khanabadosh

Aslam Saiyad-Photographer- Wanderer-Teacher-Social worker-Bulletier -

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  1. amit prajapati says:

    beautiful pics… it takes into the zone depicted

  2. pranab says:

    Aslam, saw your photographs… Some of them are awesome. Really speaking, those are World class. Still I wonder why you are still not dedicating yourself completely in Photography!!
    Everyone has some different responsibility, but your photographs shows how passionate you are about them and still I hope to see you as a Professional Photographer in a near future.

  3. Heena Shaikh says:

    as alwys … masha allah … realy awsm clicks sir G……. ^_^

  4. Krunal Patel says:

    mind blowing !!!!!!

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