In 1971 Indo-Pakistani war unleashed mass immigration fromBangladesh boosting the population, thus aggravating urban population density which still carries on till today for the sole reason of the porous nature of the Indo-Bangladesh border. Slums and slum-like areas sprung up in andaround Kolkata and Howrah to accommodate these hapless refugees. This onslaught migration also occurred within the states as families from neighbouring states of Bihar, Orissa as well as from farflung areas of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, with all sorts of livelihood but living below poverty line, crowded the slums and shanties.

In the city of Howrah and Kolkata, the huge number of marginalized children, who are robbed of their childhood, are compelled to negotiate their precarious existence in the world ofcrime, misery, abuse and exploitation. They live on platforms, along railway tracks, in empty pipes, under the bridges, on pavements and in slums and bustees. Fast urbanization, high unemployment and aggravated poverty resulted in the increase of the numbers of children onthe street. More than 100,000 minors, aged 5 to 18, are street children. The main causes are:Extreme poverty that fosters domestic conflict and violence, induces children to leave school and earn a living.

Children beaten, feel unloved and are rejected or run away from home. They end up onthe streets.

Some children leave home after death or illness in the family.inn most cases the father is an alcoholic or the mother a prostitute, they too turn to the streets.


About Khanabadosh

Aslam Saiyad-Photographer- Wanderer-Teacher-Social worker-Bulletier -

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  1. Krunal Patel says:

    what a work sirjee !!! simply mind blowing .. simply awesome !!! what is attracting me in every pic is the clarity of subjects .. ur subject is boucing back from every photo so clearly … perfect lighting , perfect composition with perfect elements … i m really lucky that i m watching ur work .. i wl learn mnay things from ur photos .. i dnt need any classes to learn photography ..observing the great work of great photographer like you is enough for learning it … best of luck for ur intrenational showcase.

  2. bibhuti says:

    i can smell weed from this page…
    Nice captures dude ….lovely

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