Tries to remain Human, Khanabadosh,Automobile engineer, Animation Instructor ,Street/documentary Photographer and some times also work for Social up liftment organizations.

Aslam Saiyad studied Automobile engineering. After working in few automobile manufacturing companies he studied machine designing softwares this gradually lead him to work as 3d architecture visualizer and rendering artist for leading construction companies. He is Area Technical Head at Frameboxx Animation| Visual Effects.   Photography to him is documenting every colour that oozes out through humanity’s various action.He is passionate about photographing people on Street, he loves to shoot and celebrate cultural euphoria, village festivals .He also works for  Borderless World Foundation  a non-profit organization that works with children in conflict areas.

He is based in Mumbai , India and can be contacted on

About this blog -I have always thought , what ever you have got from the society , you need to give it back to them.

With this blog I am sharing my little help to the society


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